Teacher of Mathematics / Lärare i matematik

Kungsholmens gymnasium, Stockholms Stad, Utbildningsförv, Gymnasieavd, Omr1

Stockholm – vår huvudstad med miljoner drömmar, förväntningar och ambitioner. Vi jobbar för alla som lever här idag och i framtiden. Nu söker vi dig som vill tänka stort, nytt och annorlunda med oss – för stockholmarna.

Description of the school

Kungsholmens gymnasium/Stockholms Musikgymnasium has about 1,300 students and a little more than 100 employees, of whom 75 are teachers. We offer the Natural Science programme, the Social Science programme, the Humanities programme, the International Business programme, and Language Introduction. Our vision is Knowledge and Culture for an Active Influence in a Globalized world, and our ambition is to develop students' knowledge and promote their readiness to meet future challenges. We want our students to be able to take responsibility for and influence the future development of society in a sustainable global perspective. The school offers an exciting environment with its three sections: the International section, the Choir section and the Swedish section.
The sections interact with each other within the school. In the International section the language of instruction is English, but we follow the Swedish curriculum. Music is of great importance to our school and the school's Choir classes are an important institution in Stockholm's musical life. In addition, we have an active Student Union with a rich sports life and active student clubs.
We are continuously developing our systematic quality work and pedagogical practise. For several years our professional development has had a focus on sustainable learning. Our school is characterized by diversity and tolerance, and we are ranked very highly by students in terms of wellbeing. Our students are happy to recommend their school to others.

Our teachers work in teams and our prioritised areas for development are:
• Collaboration that benefits sustainable learning and helps students to overview a larger field of
knowledge and develop an increasingly scientific approach.
• The school is a learning and inclusive organization where the staff learn from each other and the world around us, and share experiences to systematically develop teaching and other activities.
• Internationalisation, leading to learning and students' development towards the school's vision, curriculum goals, and programme goals.

Read more at http://www.kungsholmensgymnasium.stockholm.se, or search for our name on Instagram or Facebook

Description of the post

One of our teachers will be on parental leave for the full Academic year, and we will need a replacement to teach two Mathematics-courses in the International Section-Natural Science Programme. 
All courses are taught in English. We offer a vibrant teaching environment in a school with a long tradition in the City of Stockholm.
All our teachers are also Mentors for a group of students where you offer support around the students' whole school situation and form a link between school and the home.
Teaching at Kungsholmens gymnasium / Stockholms musikgymnasium also includes close collaboration with a team of teachers to develop best practice in teaching, supporting high standards in academic results and a sustainable working environment for our students.


We are looking for a teacher holding a university degree, with experience from teaching at Upper Secondary level, who is qualified to teach Mathematics.

Applicant should have a Teaching Certificate (Lärarlegitimation) from Skolverket for the relevant subject.

You are a person who builds secure working relationships with both students and colleagues in the workplace.
You take initiative but are also able to adapt your communication and organisation of work to support fruitful collaboration with colleagues.


Since both English and Swedish are used in the workplace, you must be well versed in both languages verbally as well as in writing.
Our teachers need to build effective cooperation with teacher colleagues and other professions within the school, to create a progressive learning curve over the three years of Upper Secondary School.

Anstellungsart Befristeter Arbeitsvertrag länger als 6 Monate
Arbeitszeit Teilzeit
Arbeitsbeginn 2023-08-10
Anzahl der freien Stellen 1
Arbeitsstunden 35%
Ort Stockholm
Bundesland Stockholms län
Land Schweden
Referenznummer 2023/2828
  • Peter Park Larsson, 08-50838006
  • Johan Lagerbäck, Sveriges Lärare, 0739802982
Veröffentlicht 24 Mai 2023
Letzter Bewerbungstag 07 Jun 2023

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